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You’ve gotta love a big, beefy ass and muscle Cody Jo gives us an eyeful of his big, smooth, farm boy butt. And I don’t know if he’s a cop in real life, but seeing him sitting in his police cruiser in uniform sure does make a guy want to go speeding past him. Sucking off this blond hunk’s long cock to get out of a speeding ticket is a fantasy in the making. And Cody Joe gives us a look at how that might go in this jack-off video from Next Door Male. Watching him¬†thrusting his hips back and forth before unloading a massive stream of cop spunk all over his six-pack abs gets me going pretty good.

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Bad Boy & The Police Man Fri, 26 Apr 2013 16:08:44 +0000 gay cop force fucks latino guy

Andres and Gaston like playing bad boy and the police men — it’s a good way to turn a regular fuck buddy session into something extra hot and steamy — and they invite Boykakke along to film one of their fantasy fucks. Gaston is playing the cop and he shows up at Andres’ apartment with reports that Andres has been causing trouble in the neighbourhood.

When this chico gives the police officer some lip, Gaston throws this bad boy up against the wall and frisks him, then puts him in handcuffs. This uniformed cop pushes Andres to his knees, then hauls out his big cock and tells his captive to start sucking.

With his hard-on swollen and aching for release, officer Gaston bends this young thug over and inspects his butt hole. He rubs his night stick across Andres’ smooth butt cheeks and asks Andres if he’s hiding any drugs up his ass. Gaston doesn’t wait for an answer, he shoves his big-nobbed cock up the boy’s ass and does a cavity search of his own. When he’s done fucking this beautiful ass, Gaston puts Andres back down on his knees and spews his sticky cum load all over the thug’s face.

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Sebastian Young & Leo Forte – Stake Out Fri, 08 Mar 2013 17:52:04 +0000 leo forte and sebastian young under cover cops

Sebastian Young is on the right side of the law in this new scene from’s Str8 to Gay. This hot bad boy has had a few run-ins with the law in real life and has spent some time in jail, but in this scene with Leo Forte he’s playing an undercover cop. It’s also nice to see Forte doing something other than getting the shit beat out of him in BDSM scenes.

Leo Forte and Sebastian Young are holed up in a motel room doing surveillance. They’re making small talk and Young asks, “How come it seems that every criminal we bust is gay?” ¬†Forte says that he has plenty of gay cops in his department. When Young asks him who, Forte says, “You can say I dabble in the arts.” Detective Young sneers, “Really?”

“I’ll suck you off and you’ll be in heaven!” Detective Forte says to his partner. Well you know where this goes and Forte gets more than his throat fucked by this undercover cop. And by the time Forte is done getting his beefy ass drilled hard, his bald head is completely drenched in sweat and his belly is covered in cum.

leo forte and sebastian young under cover cops

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