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Naked Men & Gay Sex Pics – Free Porn Galleries – Cock Perfect Gay porn blog of hot naked men & gay sex. Mon, 17 Aug 2015 13:44:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Nick Vargas Fucks Calvin Rose in the Woods Sun, 16 Aug 2015 14:29:22 +0000 nick vargas and calvin rose fucking outdoors

On manoeuvres, new recruit Calvin Rose is trying to get to his checkpoint without being caught by his trainer, a ripped soldier. When he’s spotted, Calvin runs through the long grass for the woods and Nick Vargas gives chase. When he catches Calvin, Nick shows him what happens to recruits who allow themselves to be taken prisoner. He pushes the lad to his knees and stuffs his throat, then he bare fucks the blond’s tight virgin hole.

Watch Nick Fucking Calvin in the Free Trailer

nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-01 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-02 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-04 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-03 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-05 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-06 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-12 nick vargas and calvin rose nick vargas and calvin rose fucking outdoors nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-09 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-08 nick-vargas-and-calvin-rose-07

Watch Calvin Rose Getting Fucked in the Woods in At Ease

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Tatted Latino Jacking his Thick Uncut Meat Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:28:13 +0000 tattooed latin guy with fat cock

I have a recurring fantasy about sucking off a Latino thug in an alley and Roberto from Miami Boyz is right up my alley. This 21-yer-old stud has a hot body covered in tattoos — I love his ink — and he’s packing a big thick uncut cock in his jeans.

I also have a thing for chin scruff and Roberto has some sexy whiskers. But seriously, I’m really digging this tattooed stud’s cock. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough to keep a cocksucker like me happy, and of course, he’s sporting some juicy foreskin.

One thing that gets me really excited about Roberto is that he’s a little rough looking and my imagination runs wild thinking about him roughing me up in a lane way, forcing me to my knees, and ramming his thick hooded cock down my throat. He’s got a meaty butt with a furry ass crack and I wouldn’t mind having that shoved in my face, too. Can you imagine this stud spreading his butt and forcing his virgin rosebud against your mouth? Hot!

Watch Tatted Latino Creaming his Smooth Belly

tattooed latin guy with fat cock

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Jacques LaVere & His 9-Inch Cock Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:20:25 +0000 guy with 9-inch cock olive-shaped cock head

I’ve always known that Quebecois boys are hung like stallions. If you’ve never been to Quebec you’ll want to book a trip some time, those French guys will keep your mouth busy and your ass satisfied. Jacques LaVere is a 22-year-old cutie. Jacques is a little nerdy looking, but I’m not looking to marry the guy, just suck that amazing niner of his. He recently made his debut on Extra Big Dicks and he strokes his long cock.

I prefer a cock head that’s more plump; Jacques’ is olive shaped. But who cares? You’re not going to notice with it buried down your throat. Like a lot of guys, this French boy didn’t realize that he was differently hung from other guys until he started getting feedback from his sexual partners. And while he’s huge, he says that he’s never had anyone turn him down because his dick was going to prove too much of a challenge.

There’s some hot over-the-shoulder filming giving us a good POV look at this beautiful 9-inch cock. After standing and stroking his meat, Jacques settles back on the couch and prepares to give us a show of what his tool can do. He turns his attention to his cap, swirling his fist around it and getting himself close to nutting. Finally he moans, “Oh Shit, I’m gonna … ugh!” and his massive meat erupts sending a huge cum load splattering across his belly and all the way up to his shoulder.

Watch French Lad Jacques LaVere Shoot His Big Load

guy with 9-inch cock olive-shaped cock head

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Paddy O’Brian Fucks Jay Roberts in Bashed & Furious Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:10:29 +0000 paddy o'brian and jay roberts

Paddy O’Brian works for some pretty nasty people. And he’s the thug who does a lot of the boss’s dirty work, like roughing up guys who try to fuck with the organization. Paddy’s first job was giving Issac Jones a punishing fuck after they discovered Jones was stealing money from the boss.

Paddy and a bald thug head out to a back work shed where Jay Roberts is gagged and tied to a chair. Through the window, Jay can see them coming and he struggles to get free. When they pull the gag out of Jay’s mouth he blurts out, “I’ll do anything you want, please don’t hurt me.”

“Do you hear that?” Paddy says in his rough British accent. “He’ll do anything.” O’Brian pulls out his big-nobbed cock. “Well don’t just stare at it!” And after getting his dick sucked, albeit hesitantly, Paddy unties Jay and hauls him into a warehouse, just the two of them, for a little one-on-one rough session.

I love watching Jay’s meaty uncut cock flopping around while Paddy thrusts his stiff cock hard into Jay’s fuck hole. Jay whimpers, but Paddy just keep on pounding until he’s good and ready to cover this stud with his spunk.

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paddy o'brian and jay roberts

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Trevor Yates 9-Inch Monster Cock Sat, 01 Mar 2014 11:13:23 +0000 trevor yates

Massively-hung Czech guy Trevor Yates has made 25 videos for Bel Ami Online. And with a cock this impressive, it’s no wonder this blond boy gets so much work. When the modelling scout sent Bel Ami’s George Duroy a photo of Yates, the producer didn’t really care for him. “At first, I didn’t like the picture. But the size of his dick was very impressive.”

And Trevor Yates has one of the five biggest cocks of all time over at Bel Ami. His profile says that he never wears underwear because even when soft, trying to pack those nine inches into a pair of underwear briefs can be uncomfortable. Yates is a true exhibitionist and loves watching the reactions of guys in the gym locker room or shower when they catch a glimpse of his huge, swinging cock.
Recently, Bel Ami Online released Scandal in the Vatican, which features Yates as a priest who is servicing a gaggle of school boys. And it’s quite a sight watching six horny guys trying to swallow this monster dick. None of these guys can get more than a third or halfway down.

Watch All Scenes from Scandal in the Vatican

trevor yates

Watch Horny School Boys Trying to Swallow this Thing

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Sexy Cuban Zaikel Ferrari Wed, 14 Aug 2013 14:28:49 +0000 sexy cuban guy zaikel ferrari jacking his uncut cock

When I opened my inbox this morning and saw sexy Cuban stud Zaikel Ferrari staring back at me, I sucked wind and said out loud, “Oh … my … God!” I do have a fondness for Cuban guys, but Zaikel really got my dick stirring in my shorts. He’s incredibly good looking with a strong square jaw, but his eyes, I can’t stop staring at them. And they’re driving fantasies of having this muscle boy on top of me staring into my eyes while he drills my ass — fuck, that would be so hot.

There’s no doubt that Zaikel hits the gym every day, but Extra Big Dicks feels the need to mention it. He’s been eager to show off for the cameras, and I’m glad he did — meaty uncut cock, smooth balls, a shaved butt hole, and lots of foreskin sliding up and down his hard-on while he jacks off. And he dumps a white milky load of jizz all over his belly. Now, if we could just convince this sexy Cuban stud to stop clipping his chest hair, he’d be absolutely perfect.

zaikel-ferrari-01 zaikel-ferrari-02 zaikel-ferrari-03 zaikel-ferrari-04 zaikel-ferrari-05 zaikel-ferrari-06 zaikel-ferrari-10 zaikel-ferrari-07 zaikel-ferrari-09 zaikel-ferrari-11 zaikel-ferrari-08 zaikel-ferrari-13 zaikel-ferrari-12 zaikel-ferrari-14 zaikel-ferrari-15

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Very Skilled Cocksucker Works a Big Dick Tue, 13 Aug 2013 17:01:44 +0000 guy in pajamas sucking big cock

I love watching a cocksucker who really knows how to give a good blowjob. I find that many younger guys lack the experience to know how to give good head, they’re often one-speed suckers, which means very fast. But when you’ve been sucking dick for as long as I have, you pick up a trick or two. And young Czech guy Xander Hollis over at Staxus, who is only 21 years old, sure has caught on early when it comes to giving superb oral sex.

When Xander gets onto the lower bunk, he grabs Radoc’s stiff banana-curved dick in his fist and licks the shaft with his tongue. He gives this beautiful hard-on a few pumps in his mouth, jacks it in his hand, licks Jaxon’s balls, kisses his cock head, and slathers his tongue all over Jaxon’s shaft. He’s sucking dick like he’s failed the exam and this is the extra credit he needs to graduate. This Czech boy knows how to make a guy roll around in ecstasy.

The story behind this Staxus video has Jaxon Radoc and Xander Hollis lying on their bunk beds in their pajamas in their college dorm. Xander is being a good boy and doing homework on his laptop. Jaxon has porn on his cell phone and his big cock in the other. When Xander feels the bunk beds rocking, he leans over and finds Jaxon beating off. Xander tries to ignore him, but Jaxon starts pumping his feet on the mattress above his head saying, “Come help me.”

Jaxon gets down between Xander’s legs and sucks his cock too, but it’s really just token lip service to get the boy horny enough to let his blond room mate fuck his ass. Jaxon peels off his pajamas and Xander slides off his bottoms, then Jaxon lubes his big dick and slides it in. And it’s a tight fit. The blond Aussie pumps Xander’s hole in a spooning position, then the boys move to the floor where Xander hoists his foot on the ladder going up to his bunk. And with Jaxon drilling his ass, Xander spews a creamy load of cum all over the floor. Spent, he knows what to do and he kneels so Jaxon can feed him his jizz — I guess these room mates have done this before.

guy in pajamas sucking big cock

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What Does God Think About Christian Cayden’s Dildo Fucking Video? Tue, 13 Aug 2013 16:12:06 +0000 christian cayden jacking off with butt plug up his ass

I often wonder about guys with religious tattoos who decide to start doing gay porn videos. Take Christian Cayden Of Next Door Male, for example, inked across his arm is “Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done.” The very same arm he uses to jack his dick while he’s got a butt plug buried deep inside his ass. But that’s not all: he’s got a massive cross tattooed down the middle of his chest, and his other arm is sporting another tattoo saying, “Away with you Satan! For it is written, you shall worship the Lord your God and Him only you shall serve.”

To each his own. Who am I to deny a Christian his right to express himself, dildo or not. I could hardly moan about Christians constantly bashing me and my lifestyle. But still, before you film a gay porn video, throw your legs over your head and shove dildos and butt plugs up your ass, you might want to get those tattoos covered up, or wear a long-sleeved shirt at least.

But we’ll be seeing a lot of Christian Cayden and his religious tattoos in the weeks ahead. Next Door Entertainment has just brought him on board and this power bottom loves getting his ass fucked. I’ve heard that he’s already filmed a gang bang, but in the meantime, you can watch his first outdoor dildo fucking videos.

christian cayden jacking off with butt plug up his ass

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Handsome Hung Muscle Hunk Cameron Tue, 13 Aug 2013 15:23:26 +0000 handsome hunk doing naked pull-ups

Cameron is a beautiful guy and I’m guessing he can pretty much have whatever he wants. He’s handsome, stands 6’4″, and weighs a very solid 215 pounds. He works as a bartender and I’ll bet he gets a lot of good tips and phone numbers. He does some flexing and posing at the beginning of his video for Sean Cody and his arms and shoulders are massive and curve beautifully when he pumps them over his head. But there’s no getting away from his big, heavy-hanging cock. And when he gets it hard, it gets even bigger. And he loves stroking it with both hands, and it’s big enough that he can pump it in both fists and still have some left over peeking above his hands. Man, I can’t wait to see if Cameron is open to some guy-on-guy action.

sean-cody-cameron-01 sean-cody-cameron-10 sean-cody-cameron-05 sean-cody-cameron-09 sean-cody-cameron-04 sean-cody-cameron-13 sean-cody-cameron-08 sean-cody-cameron-03 sean-cody-cameron-12 sean-cody-cameron-07 sean-cody-cameron-02 sean-cody-cameron-11 sean-cody-cameron-06 ]]> 0
Hung College Bottom Gang Banged Tue, 13 Aug 2013 08:11:55 +0000 cocksucker gang banged

Jake is a cock-hungry fratboy who loves sucking dick. In this video called The Chaser from Fraternity X, he’s servicing a mess of cock at the frat house. The guys got pretty wild and crazy when an afternoon party broke out. After a few rounds of vodka shots, these drunk college guys turned their attention to Jake. They’ve fucked his ass many times before, so they knew he wouldn’t protest if they started shoving their cocks in his face.

Jackson is a 22-year-old, blond guy, and he’s got a 9-inch, cut cock swinging between his legs. I’ve seen a number of the bottoms in this frat house struggle, whimper, and cry when Jackson shoves his monster dick up their asses. Sometimes the other dorm mates have to hold these bottoms down just so Jackson can get a good fuck out them. Jake is the 19-year-old bottom in this gang bang scene and he’s hauling a pretty big cock himself. It’s a meaty uncut piece of meat and I loved watching it flop around when he rides Jackson’s huge fuck pole.

Three of the frat boys take turns fucking Jake’s plump butt and he takes them all with no problem – even Jackson’s big 9-incher. And they’re generally fucking both his mouth and ass at the same time. God, this bottom is a real pig – he’s a top man’s dream come true.

cocksucker gang banged by big dicks

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