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Handsome Hung Muscle Hunk Cameron

handsome hunk doing naked pull-ups

Cameron is a beautiful guy and I’m guessing he can pretty much have whatever he wants. He’s handsome, stands 6’4″, and weighs a very solid 215 pounds. He works as a bartender and I’ll bet he gets a lot of good tips and phone numbers. He does some flexing and posing at the beginning of his video for Sean Cody and his arms and shoulders are massive and curve beautifully when he pumps them over his head. But there’s no getting away from his big, heavy-hanging cock. And when he gets it hard, it gets even bigger. And he loves stroking it with both hands, and it’s big enough that he can pump it in both fists and still have some left over peeking above his hands. Man, I can’t wait to see if Cameron is open to some guy-on-guy action.

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