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Billy Santoro Debuts in Boy Ranch and Fucks Everyone

billy santoro in boy ranch

Billy Santoro did his first scene a few weeks back for Chaos Menand got his big beefy ass fucked by one of the well-hung studs over there. And no sooner has the scene aired than MEN.com quickly snagged him up in an exclusive contract. And Santoro’s first scenes have been rolling out in a video series called Boy Ranch. Handsome and hairy hunk Billy Santoro plays the owner of a male brothel, you know like the Chicken Ranch in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. And he’s got a hot line-up of service-minded boys for his clients, and in the slow periods Billy helps himself to a hot piece of ass.

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billy santoro and felix warner

Male brothel owner Billy Santoro believes that his boys need to be sampled and trained, you know, to make sure they learn how to service the clients. Santoro heads into the staging area where he finds Felix Warner, Joey Cooper, Max Leo, and Andrew Stark on offer today. As the boss comes in, the boys stand and pose, trying to look their hottest in their sexy underwear.

Santoro picks Felix Warner. “You’re mine today,” he grunts. And they head off to a room with a bed (no sheets) and Santoro screws Warner’s ass really hard. Felix Warner mounts Billy’s hard-on then just braces and balances himself as the boss power thrusts up into his hole. For a freebie, the boss sure takes advantage of Felix Warner’s hot little ass.

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landon conrad and joey cooper

Scene two of Boy Ranch opens with Billy Santoro showing off his boys to hunky blond Landon Conrad, who has come for an afternoon of fun. Felix Warner, Joey Cooper, Max Leo, and Andrew Stark are on parade again and Conrad points at Joey Cooper. “I think he’ll do just fine.” Poor Andrew Stark, no one seems to want him — he and his big dick would have been my first choice.

Landon Conrad really fucks Joey Cooper’s mouth. With Joey lying back on the bed, Landon does push-ups in his mouth, then with Joey down on his knees, Landon holds his head and really drills his throat hard. But my favourite part of this Boy Ranch scene has Cooper down on all fours, ass arched high in the air, and Landon Conrad is pumping him hard with his own beautiful beefy ass thrusting in the ass — what a great butt!

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boy ranch scene 3 group sex

The final scene of Boy Ranch sees Billy Santoro back in the mood to sample the boys in his male brothel. Andrew Stark is gone from the line-up and only Felix Warner, Joey Cooper, and Max Leo are available this afternoon. The boss doesn’t feel like making a choice, so he says, “All of you, come with me.” The three cute boys pull out all the stops making sure that their boss has a good time. They take turns servicing Santoro’s meaty cock with their mouths and they all get their asses plugged by the boss. And Santoro rewards them with a big juicy load of cum.

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