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Big Banana-Curved Dick – Whose Cock Is That?

trenton ducati and his huge curved dick

I’ve seen this muscle hunk all over the Web. Hardly a week goes by that some gay porn studio or website isn’t giving us more of his big banana-curved dick. And yet, it wasn’t until I saw this new scene that I finally realized how big this guy’s cock really is. Funny how you can see a man over and over, but with one scene you’re suddenly looking at him in a whole new way. And it’s not just camera tricks — a photographer down on his knees filming from underneath a guy’s hard-on can make just about any penis look huge. But this stud is definitely hung.

Trenton Ducati is a classically handsome hunk with a strong, square jaw, beautiful kissable lips, and inviting eyes. He’s packing a rocking-hard body and he sure must work hard in the gym to keep looking so fantastic.

Trenton Ducati is featured in a new release from Raging Stallion Studios called THE WOODS and he’s joined by Kyle King and Charlie Harding in a hot threesome. Kyle King has been wandering around the woods in the nude and arrives at the ranger headquarters where he finds Ducati. Who can resist a naked stud? So Ducati strips off his ranger uniform and the guys get to it.

When ranger Charlie Harding arrives back at base, he finds his boss, Trenton, dicking Kyle’s ass with an assortment of dildos. He joins in for a sweaty spit roasting and Kyle tries his best to service both men’s huge cocks. Watching King trying to scarf down Ducati’s big banana-curved dick will get your cock-sucking muscles limbering up. And Charlie Harding is no slouch either.

But there’s a twist to this one: Ducati and Harding (boss and employee) have been harbouring secret hard-ons for each other and this threesome takes a scorching twist.


kyle king, charlie harding and trenton ducati threeway sex


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