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Topher DiMaggio & Derek Parker – Military Fuck

topher dimaggio fucking derek parker

So You Think You Can Fuck (SYTYCF) is midway through their fifth season and this scene brings Topher DiMaggio and Derek Parker together in a hot fuck session. You can see all of the episodes of SYTYCF over on Dominic Ford. And Joe Spunk surfers get a special deal, so when joining use the promo code joespunk and save $10 off the monthly membership.

Six guys are split into two teams and go head to head in a Survivor style competition. There are challenges where the contestants can get points for their teams. There are sex scenes, too, where the contestants are given a theme or scenario and have less than a minute to come up with a compelling and titillating sex scene, one that will win them votes from you, the viewers.

Topher DiMaggio won Season I of SYTYCF and he’s back for the third season and he’s the team coach of Team Topher. Mitch Vaughn was last year’s winner and he’s the captain of his team.


I like this pairing of Topher DiMaggio and Derek Parker. Topher is handsome, manicured and manscaped, he looks like the perfect circuit boy — do circuit parties even exist anymore? Derek Parker is good looking, too, but he’s bearded, scruffy, and tattooed. DiMaggio has been doing gay porn for a while and is a well-known regular; Parker is newer having just started in January 2012, but he’s been a busy man and has been doing a lot of scenes over the past year.

These two get it on outside the army barrack, kissing and sucking dick on the porch. They get into some fucking, but move to a more secluded area so Parker can sit on DiMaggio’s stiff cock. Then on his back and getting his ass drilled, Parker dumps a huge cum load all over his six packs with DiMaggio adding his spunk to the mix.

topher dimaggio fucking derek parker


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