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Sucking Off a Hairy Guy – Spunkworthy Noah

hairy guys gets his first head from a guy

I feel in love with hairy guy Noah the first time I laid eyes on him over at Spunkworthy. And I blogged about him a couple of weeks back getting his first handjob. This pocket-sized straight guy is adorably cute, he has a hot, tight body, and he’s a furry fucker.

Noah did his first jack-off video at Spunkworthy a little while ago, then he followed it up with a hand job from the site owner Jason. And when Jason suggested he try his first head session from a man, Noah was all for it. When Jason pulls down Noah’s short, the boy is already rock hard — I guess he was really looking forward to his first blowjob. And when Jason slipped his lips around Noah’s stiffy, the boy rolls his head back and let out a long sigh as if he’d been waiting for this moment all his life.

Jason doesn’t just service Noah’s cock, but he gets this hairy guy down on all fours and chows down on his butt hole. His ass is muscular and firm and his butt crack is pretty furry. “Feels really good,” Noah moans.

Noah is pretty revved up, so when he stands he grabs Jason’s head and starts thrusting his hips into the cocksucker’s face. And once he figures that Jason can take it, Noah is in full-on face fucking mode. And it’s pretty clear that this straight guy has never had his dick sucked like this before.

As I see it, the problem with these blowjob videos is that as a cocksucker I love having a guy blast his cum load down my throat, but that’s not a lot of fun when there’s an audience. So Noah lies back on the bed and Jason finishes him off with a hand job so we can see his stream of thick spunk squirt through the air and fly off the side of the bed! This hairy stud sure was horny!


hairy guys gets his first head from a guy


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