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Straight French Canadian Shoots Huge Cum Load

straight guy with a long uncut cock

Mikey has never filmed a jerk-off video before, but a buddy of his made one for Squirtz, a hot jack-off site, and so Mickey decided it might be fun to try. But he was careful to point out during his interview that he’s really into girls.

During his interview he talks about chatting up a girl in a bar and they headed outside to smoke a cigarette outside and chill out. Sounds like things got pretty heated because they headed inside and Mikey fucked this girl in a private bathroom inside the club.

And this horny Frenchman works in construction and he keeps fit playing a lot of sports. You’ll love hearing his deep voice and he’s Quebecois, so he’s speaking in French, which makes him all the more sexy.

And this guy sure can shoot a big load. After pumping his meat furiously he starts breathing hard and then WHAM! a huge stream of cum splashes across his thigh. What a thick cumshot!


straight guy with a long uncut cock


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